Investing in transportation constitutes a specific investment in the future of equestrian sport

Horse transporters

A variable and spacious interior concept offers comfortable accommodation for horse and rider alike when traveling – optionally available for 1 - 3 or 4 - 9 horses.

We invest all the time it takes to help you plan your new, made-to-order horse transporter.

All planning starts, of course, with discussing the chassis and truck configuration.

Your personal requirements are just as important as the number of horses you want to move. That way, we can guarantee that both horse and rider, but also the kit, all travel in comfort and safety.

All of our superstructures comply with the requirements of Art. 18 of Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport on both long and short journeys.

Komfort und Sicherheit mit Pferdetransportfahrzeugen aus Füchtorf

How we enhance comfort and safety:

  • Insulated superstructures
  • Fins at the sides and large sunroofs guarantee optimal ventilation
  • Loading and unloading with the aid of a spring-balanced folding ramp that can also be operated electrohydraulically, or via hinged doors
    with slide ramps

  • Non-slip, shock absorbing special rubber flooring
  • Horse cubicles in, opposite, or diagonal to the direction of travel
  • Partition walls with rubber lining for balance optimization
  • Aluminum troughs in front of the chest walls
  • Generous storage space for saddle locker, etc.
  • Video surveillance

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