The Mercedes among the 2-horse-transporters

The Sprinter P2 offers safety and comfort in a small space with a total mass of 3,5 t and can therefore be driven with a drivers licence class B. With our Sprinter P2 you can load two large horses by having a clear conscience without exceeding the legal total mass.

Due to its size and intuitive equipment it is manoeuvrable and easy to handle.

An expansion of the rear part of the passenger compartment to a storage/companion space or a sleeping cabin is also possible.

The vehicle can be loaded up on request.


Pferdetransporter Mercedes Benz Sprinter P2

Niehoff Pferdetransporter Sprinter

Travel safely with plenty of payload under 3,5 to:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tractor head
  • hot-dip galvanised low frame chassis
  • the structure made of a fully welded monobody for maximum safety
  • resistant soft rubber floor made of one piece
  • easy to clean and to disinfect
  • video and temperature monitoring
  • adjustable partitionwall
  • individual storage room or companion space
  • up to 1200 kg payload
  • class B driving licence
  • made in Germany